C# tutorial for beginners | 2 | Write your first C# program

March 06, 2021

In this C# tutorial series you will learn how to get started programming with C#. You will write your own programs as well as make your own web site. I can make you successful so you can be a programmer as well.

I've just uploaded the second episode. In this episode you will learn fundamentals of programming as well as basics of how to work with Visual Studio. If you will follow the steps from this video, at the end you will write your first program and you will know how to find, copy and run it.

Please check it out and subscribe to my channel to be notified when my new videos will be released.

Link to video: https://youtu.be/KTfilr_pnk0

Link to my playlist: C# tutorial - Learn C# FAST

Thank you in advance.

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